Dr Wen - My Story


Over 20 years ago my mum had a serious life-threatening illness.  When surgery and hospital treatments could not help, we decided to try Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments.


Some elements of the TCM treatments prescribed for my mum were very difficult for her, but she trusted and continued with them and eventually started to feel much better.


Later on, when I became ill, I was given the chance to try acupuncture and Chinese herbal remedies.  I found that the treatments can take time to balance the body but can also be very successful in treating many different illnesses and conditions.  This experience made me interested in wanting to learn more about this complex healing system.


I studied for 6½ years at Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China, including 1½ years of postgraduate study.  After qualifying as a doctor I worked for 10 years at the Heilongjiang hospital.  


In 2004 I came to the UK and worked for two of the largest TCM companies for 6 years, working in London, Edinburgh, York, Leeds, Harrogate, Manchester and Todmorden, then started my own private practice.


My experience as a TCM doctor in China is very different to that in the UK.  Every day I am reminded how conditions can vary so much depending on the patient, country, environment, culture and body type.  All of these factors affect the patient’s reaction to TCM and the resulting benefits.


I find that many patients have difficulties in believing that TCM treatments can work for them, and to trust them, and these negative thoughts can impede the healing process and slow it down.  


However, the majority of my patients have received great benefits from their TCM treatments, and I am happy to have helped them.


My university professor told the class, “If you want to become a TCM doctor then you must empathise with the patient as if you had the same condition, then you will try your best to help them.  If your patients Believe and Trustthat you can help them they will more easily Receive the benefits from TCM treatments”.


I do believe the long history of Traditional Chinese Medicine which has been helping people for over 4,000 years is the reason I have confidence that the treatments work.


I do believe that when patients receive the benefits and trust TCM treatments then I also receive the same and we are both happy.


I do believe the success of TCM is not only from the treatments themselves but also from the knowledge and experience through my hands and from my heart.


“I believe this to be very important”.